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Anais Drago, 26 years old - violino

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Anais Drago, born in 1993, is an Italian violinist with a degree in jazz composition.
Jazz, rock and avant-garde music converge in her writing: as well as studying her instrument from an early age, her classical training and a deep respect for music as an art form led her to embrace a wide variety of musical genres, into which she has introduced her instrument, finding ever new ways to contextualise it – including through the use of pedals, effects and loop stations – without ever resorting to the clichés of tradition.
In October 2018, she released her debut album with the band Anais Drago & The Jellyfish, which she leads, under Parisian label Another Music Records.
In the same year, she also won the AIR (Artists In Residence) project run by the Musicisti Italiani di Jazz association, while in 2019 she reached the semi-finals of the Massimo Urbani International Award jazz contest.
Over the past year, besides taking the stage at Umbria Jazz Festival and at Bollate Jazz Meeting (2019), she has also performed at the Parco della Musica auditorium in Rome, on the RAI television show "Che Tempo Che Fa", and taken part in Italian pop music sensation Ultimo's "Colpa delle favole" tour.

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