Giovanni Cigui quartet Trieste

Giovanni Cigui, 28 years old - sax alto
Mauro Cottone, 27 years old - Contrabbasso
Michele Tino, 27 years old - Sax tenore
Giacomo Camilletti, 22 years old - Batteria

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Starting from the conventional idea of a jazz background with no harmonic instruments, the Giovanni Cigui Quartet breaks the mould of tradition in a personal quest for melodic strength and beauty.
Based in Amsterdam, the group is made up of exceptional musical and creative figures, giving life to a unique, authentic sound, resulting from a fusion of the artistic vision and the individual influence of each member.
Their repertoire, consisting mainly of original pieces, reworks and preserves the traces of their inspirations: from Charles Mingus to Nick Drake, via Messiaen and old-school rock.

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