C'ammafunk Salerno

Roberto Santoro, 21 years old - Chitarra
Matteo De Vito, 20 years old - Batteria
Antonio Paolillo, 20 years old - Sax Contralto
Alessandro Criscuolo, 21 years old - Basso Elettrico
Enrico Erriquez, 20 years old - Clarinetto

2056 14342

C’ammafunk is an instrumental funk quintet from Salerno formed in 2018 out of an idea the guitarist and the bassist had, moved by a shared passion for the genre.
Since the very beginning, the band has had considerable success playing live thanks to their dynamic, energetic music. Their identity harks back to vintage sounds, influenced by contemporary styles and expressions. They are expected to record their first album at the end of 2019.
Since July 2018 the group has been on the books of the Periferica Konnection booking agency.

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