Evita Polidoro, 23 years old - batteria, voce, elettronica
Davide Strangio, 23 years old - chitarra, voce
Nicolò Faraglia, 26 years old - chitarra

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Nerovivo is a project founded on the importance and the choice of sound. It was created at Siena Jazz, where Evita Polidoro (composition, drums, vocals, synth) met Davide Strangio (guitar, fx, vocals) and Nicolò Faraglia (guitar, fx). This is how drummer Evita, born into a musical family, describes her own creation: “Nerovivo is whatever goes through my mind. Nerovivo (which roughly translates to "vibrant black") is the constant contrast in living life: Nero (black) on the odd days and Vivo (vibrant) on the even”.

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