Wasted Generation Roma

Iacopo Teolis, 20 years old - Tromba
Gabriel Marciano, 20 years old - Sax alto
Vittorio Solimene, 21 years old - Pianoforte
Giulio Scianatico, 22 years old - Contrabbasso
Cesare Mangiocavallo, 18 years old - Batteria

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Five young people, aged between 18 and 22, but all with a solid background in training, prestigious scholarships, workshops and masterclasses with the best jazz artists in the world. This is Wasted Generation, a group founded in 2019 out of the strong bond between the five peers: Iacopo Teolis on trumpet, Gabriel Marciano on alto sax, Vittorio Solimene on piano, Cesare Mangiocavallo on the drums, and Giulio Scianatico on the double-bass. It was Scianatico himself – 22, born in Bari but based in Rome – who won the contest's special jury prize for most promising artist, winning himself exclusive training at the Berklee Summer School at Umbria Jazz Clinics 20, the only seminar held in Italy by the most prestigious jazz school in the world.

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