Birth of Kameleon Frosinone

Giacomo Serino, 20 years old - Tromba
Stefano De Sanctis, 23 years old - Sax soprano, tenore, baritono
Roberto Iadanza, 24 years old - Pianoforte, tastiere
Vittorio Iannucci, 28 years old - Chitarra
Alvaro Labao Garcia, 22 years old - Basso
Alberto Colantoni, 27 years old - Batteria

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Birth of Kameleon is an ensemble that blends different musical languages into a single flowing discourse: from jazz to rock, via soul and world music. These different musical influences give a kaleidoscopic feel to the group's style, driven by groove and interplay. The project began in the spring of 2018, when the group took the stage at the National and European Festival of Music Conservatories in Frosinone, reaching second place. In April 2019, Birth of Kameleon performed in Frosinone for International Jazz Day 2019, and at the Vatican Museums for the “Museidisera” late-night museum openings initiative. The next step is the stage at Umbria Jazz Festival.

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