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Cookie policy

By means of this policy, compiled in compliance with personal data protection legislation, with particular reference to Italian Legislative Decree 196/2003 and European Regulation 679/2016, as well as the provision of the Italian Data Protection Authority of 8 May 2014 No. 229, on the Identification of the simplified procedures for the policy and acquisition of consent for the use of cookies (hereinafter referred to generally as “Applicable Legislation”), the National Consortium of Retailers Cooperative Society – CONAD, as Data Controller (hereafter, also, the “Controller” or the “Company”) intends to provide users with all the most useful information about the use of cookies on the website (the “Website”).

This document is an integral part of the policy on the processing of personal data, and can be consulted at the following link (insert Link).



From a general point of view, cookies are small text files that the websites visited by the user can send to his equipment (usually the browser) where they are stored and then sent back to the same sites upon the next visit by the same user.

Cookies can be divided into two types:

  • first-party”, when they are managed directly by the owner and/or publisher of the website (CONAD); and/or
  • third-party”, when they are managed by subjects external to the website visited by the user.

 Cookies can be further distinguished according to their purpose: some allow better navigation by storing the user's choices with respect to specific configurations (so-called “technical cookies”) and thereby ensuring increasingly powerful functionality, while others allow tracking of user navigation also in order to send advertising and/or offer services in line with the user preferences (“profiling cookies”).



The website uses the following types of first-party technical cookies. Consent by the user is not required for their installation:

  1. navigation or session cookies: critical to allow the user to browse our website normally and in order to make correct use of its services. As they are not stored on the user’s computer, they disappear when the browser is closed;
  2. functionality cookies: uniquely designed to improve and speed up browsing on the website, by storing certain choices made by the user (such as the choice concerning language).

These tools are used by the Controller to ensure, among other things, effective navigation, session stability, log-in permanence and pre-selection of country option for browsing. These cookies also are used to remind the choices made by the user with respect to the display of some page elements, such as for example information and communication banners.

As stated above, the use of technical cookies and the performance of processing connected with them does not require, under current regulations, the prior user's consent.

In any case the possibility for the user to prevent the installation of technical cookies at any time through the user browser settings remains unaffected, in the knowledge that such a choice could however complicate, slow down and sometimes block website navigation.

CONAD acts as Data Controller exclusively in relation to the first-party cookies installed on its website.



It may happen that, during a user’s browsing session, some cookies are stored on the user’s device that are not directly controlled and managed by the Controller, such as when the user visits a page showing contents of a third-party website.

These cookies, indeed called “third-party”, can be divided into:

  • analytical, used to collect and analyse statistical information on the number of users and on visits to the website. Disabling third-party cookies does not affect the use of the website;
  • Widgets/Plugins: some widgets and plugins provided by social networks may use their own cookies to facilitate interaction on the website they refer to. Their disabling does not affect the use of the website, with the sole exception of the ability to quickly share content and/or display multimedia content found within the website;
  • profiling: used to collect information concerning the preferences and habits shown by the user during their browsing, and thereby make third-parties' advertising more captivating and targeted.

The cookies installed through the Company's Website are exclusively analytical and third-party plug-ins, that the user may at any time choose not to receive any more on their equipment, simply by accessing the relative policy – the links of which are provided below – and exercising the opt-out:

• Google Analytics

Please note that Google Inc. shall use this information, as autonomous data controller of the processing, for the purpose of tracking and examining Website use, compiling reports on website activity for the benefit of the Company and providing other services relating to website activity, connection methods (mobile, pc, browser used etc), research and reaching the portal pages. 

• AddThis

AddThis is a service, provided by Oracle America, Inc., as autonomous data controller of the processing, which allows interaction with external social networks and platforms and sharing of their content through a widget. Depending on the configuration chosen by the user, this service can also show widgets from third parties, such as social network operators. In this case, even the third parties that provide the widget will learn about interactions made and usage data regarding pages where this service is installed.

• CloudFlare

Cloudflare is a traffic optimization and distribution service provided by CloudFlare Inc., as autonomous data controller of the processing, which filters the communication between the Website and the user's browser, also allowing the collection of statistical data relating to use of the same Website.



In line with current legislation, upon the first access to the Website (homepage or any Website page), the Company will request the user's consent to sending the cookies referred to above, as follows:

  • clicking the "I accept” button or the closing "X" in the banner that will be displayed;
  • clicking any element of the Website web page, also using scroll, outside of the banner itself;
  • logging in at any time, either upon the first visit to the Website or later using the appropriate link provided by the Controller, to this expanded policy ("Cookie Policy") and disabling the use of cookies.

In all other cases, and at each subsequent visit to the Website, the user will have access to this policy (clicking on the “Cookie Policy” link below the Website homepage) and withhold his consent to the installation of cookies as described above.

We confirm therefore that the user's consent is necessary solely for the installation of third-party cookies.



However, given that most browsers are programmed in such a way as to accept cookies automatically, the user may choose not to receive them, especially in cases where the third party involved has not correctly provided an opportunity to opt-out, by opening the browser settings and disabling their use, in accordance with the procedures described at the following addresses:

It should be remembered, however, that disabling cookies may complicate Internet browsing or prevent browsing freely from page to page, taking advantage of all features of the Website.

For more information about cookies you can visit the website (only for services listed by that platform), to obtain information on how to delete or manage cookies depending on the browser used and how to set preferences for use of third-party cookies.



As indicated above, the data controller is CONAD Cooperative Soc., with registered office in Bologna, Via Michelino No. 59.

The updated list of processing Supervisors, appointed to this purpose, is found at the controller's offices and freely available for consultation as specified below.

At any time and without any formality, the user can exercise the rights that are granted by the Applicable Legislation, as described in detail in the policy on the processing of personal data, which can be consulted at the following link (insert Link), by contacting the Company:

  • via e-mail at the address []; or
  • via ordinary mail, writing to the address Via Michelino No. 59, Bologna.

Continuing browsing on this website without blocking cookies through the procedures described in the policy provided above, the user consents to the installation of third-party cookies.