1. Can you take part if you have released tracks in the past? The only condition of the Rules is that the soloist or group must not be under contract to a record company or publishing company when they register (see paragraphs 2 and 4). There is no problem if participants have been under contract in the past, as long as contractual obligations do not apply to the tracks presented and the performance that is the Contest’s final aim.

2. What does ‘between 18 and 28’ mean exactly? Are these ages inclusive or exclusive? Individual musicians with the following characteristics may participate in the Contest: a) soloists who are 18 years of age or older at the time of registration, i.e. who have become adults at the time of registration; b) soloists who are 28 years of age or younger at the time of registration, i.e. who have not yet turned 29 years old at the time of registration. For bands, the age limit refers to each member of the band as described above.

3. Can foreigners take part? For the 2019 edition, participation by foreigners is permitted only under specific conditions. Aside from Italian citizens, only foreign nationals with residence in Italy may register for the contest.

4. Can winners of last year’s contest take part? No, winners of previous Contests in the same group cannot take part. However, individual artists who have already taken part in previous Contests in different groups, with different tracks to those presented in the past can take part (as long as all the other criteria for participation are met).

5. Can a musician play with more than one band in the contest? No. Artists may not compete with more than one band at the same time.

6. How long should the tracks to upload last? In order for Judges to properly assess the tracks, the suggested length is between 3 and 10 minutes.

7. What kind of track can you present? Contestants can present both new tracks and tracks already recorded or published before the Contest. Each group that registers declares that they have created the tracks and/or arrangements presented. Original compositions are not mandatory: contestants can submit standards jazz or arrangements of previously composed works, even if it's preferable to upload original tracks too, for a better evaluation by the Jurors.

8. How can I be sure that the band information and tracks have been uploaded properly?
During the upload the user will be guided step by step by the control panel, with a feedback message if either element is missing. The band profile will only be visible on the site once all the contents have been uploaded correctly. You will be receive a notification – followed by a confirmation e-mail – that you have registered properly.


9. Who are the Technical Judges? The judges of the Technical Panel are musicians and experts. More information is available at www.conadjazzcontest.it.

10. Who are the Artistic Judges? The Artistic Judges, headed by Paolo Fresu, is composed by musicians and experts. More information is available at www.conadjazzcontest.it.

11. What is the difference between the preferences of the Technical Judges and the Artistic Judges? The Technical Judges will assess all of the registered contestants and select 9 finalists out of the total 10. The judges of the Artistic Panel will instead assess the ten finalists live during the Festival, and declare the overall winner.

12. Who are the Public Judges? Anyone can be a Public Judge. Just register at www.conadjazzcontest.it with your email address or cell phone (you will be send a verification text message). These will be used only for the Contest (please see the Privacy Policy at www.conadjazzcontest.it/privacy). Each Public Judge can vote a maximum of 10 times throughout the whole Contest.

13. Will the public classification count towards deciding the finalists? And what about the winners? Yes. The Public Panel can vote for their favourite contestant and will decide 1 of the 10 finalists by casing their vote on the website www.conadjazzcontest.it (see Regulations, art. 5, point 1b). Public voting will open on Thursday 16 May at 11.00 a.m. (Central European Time) and will close on Wednesday 12 June at 11.59 p.m. (Central European Time). Every registered user can express their preferences through a single vote system (one band, one vote), casting up to 10 votes (for the same band or for different bands). When voting ends the group or soloist with the most votes will not only be one of the 10 finalists, but will also win the Public Judges’ prize (see Rules, para. 6, point 3).

14. How will the overall winner be chosen? The overall winner of the contest will be selected by the panel of artistic judges chaired by Paolo Fresu, which will assess the artists live during their performances at Umbria Jazz (planned for Wednesday 17 July to Friday 19 July based on a schedule that will be defined in relation to the official event programme). The judges will assess the contestants based on the originality of the project and the technical and artistic quality of the execution. 15. What happens if the Technical Judges and Public Judges choose the same group to be part of the 10 finalists? If the finalist chosen by the Public Judges is the same as the one chosen by the Technical Judges, the latter will choose another one. The Technical Judges also reserve the right to choose less than 9 finalists if they are not satisfied with the technical and artistic quality of the contestants.

16. What happens if the Technical Judges and Public Judges choose the same winner? If the Public Judges’ winner is the same as that of the Artistic Judges, the Public Judges’ prize will be given to the second group or soloist with the most votes from the online community.


17. What are the finalists’ prizes? All 10 finalists will have the opportunity to perform as part of the official programme of Umbria Jazz 19 (Perugia, 12 - 21 July). During the performances, they will be assessed by the panel of artistic judges chaired by Paolo Fresu, which will declare the overall winner. All finalists will also be given an artist’s pass by the Festival office that will allow them to see concerts at Umbria Jazz, performed at the Arena Santa Giuliana.

18. What are the prizes for the overall winner? The 1st choice of the artistic panel will win: a cash prize of 5,000 Euro; the possibility to play in Matera at Il Grande Viaggio Insieme Conad; inclusion in the programme of Jazz italiano per L’Aquila, one of the greatest jazz events in Italy; a tour of concerts of the winner in Italy’s best jazz clubs; inclusion in the line-up of Umbria Jazz Winter #27 (Orvieto, 28 December 2019 - 1 January 2020).

19. What are the prizes for the winner of the panel of public judges? The entrant with the most votes from the Public Judges will receive a 500 euro voucher to spend by the end of 2019 at a professional recording studio of their choice to record their album.


20. When will the 10 finalists be notified? The finalists on the shortlist of the 10 bands (9 chosen by the Technical Panel and 1 by Public Panel) – after the online voting has closed – will be notified at the contact address they gave when they entered the Contest. The list will be published on the website www.conadjazzcontest.it and on the Facebook page. The same procedure will be followed at the next step when the ranking and relative schedule of performances is published.

21. Will the names of the finalists and winners be published? The names of the finalists and winners will be published at www.conadjazzcontest.it, on Facebook and at www.umbriajazz.com. The promoters reserve the right to make the names of finalists and winners public through communications after the end of the Contest aimed at publishing the results of the event and promoting the Umbria Jazz Festival programme (see paragraph 7 of the Rules).

22. What do the 10 finalists have to do to confirm their win? All of the selected bands must complete and send specific materials to the organisers to the Contest Secretary ([email protected]) when the winners are announced to confirm their win and for communications purposes. More specifically: • “Band Consent Form”, filled out using block letters and signed by all band members; • photocopy of front/back of ID for each member (ID card or passport; a driving license is not considered a valid document); • short biography/curriculum of the band (max. 1500 characters); • high resolution photograph; • for the performance: stage plot, technical file and playlist.


23. How long can the concert by the 10 finalist groups last at Umbria Jazz? Which tracks will the finalist groups perform? Those presented for the contest or a wider repertoire? The duration and set list of the concert (which may last about 20 minutes) must be agreed by the finalists with the Festival’s artistic direction. Groups must perform the tracks uploaded at www.conadjazzcontest.it on registration. Umbria Jazz will contact groups with details when the official event programme is prepared.

24. Will the finalists have to bring their own instruments to Perugia? Yes, the finalists will have to bring the instruments needed for the performance, except for pianos, drums and double bass (see paragraph 10 of the Rules). More precise details will be decided together with the Festival’s producers when the official event programme is prepared, including the instruments needs for soloists and groups.

25. If a finalist is unable to perform on the assigned date, will it be possible to get a new date? No. The date and place of the Umbria Jazz performances (Wednesday 17 July - Friday 19 July 2019) are meant to guarantee that the artistic judges have the opportunity to hear all 10 finalists, and thus choose a winner. The schedule as notified to the finalists is final and not subject to change.

26. Can members of the finalist bands be replaced? Yes. In cases of proven impediment associated with the assigned date of the performance, members of the band may be replaced (with others not indicated on the original application), but less than 50% of the line-up. By way of example, a band with 3 members can replace maximum one member. The replacements must comply with the same age restrictions imposed on the original applicants.

27. Will finalists be paid for performances at Umbria Jazz? No, finalists will perform for free.

28. Do artists have to grant permission for recording? By accepting the Rules of the Contest, semi-finalists and finalists authorise video and audio recording during the event, the diffusion of images and audio of performances and the creation of other audio and printed materials containing their tracks (see paragraph 14 of the Rules). The author(s) of a track(s) will retain their intellectual property rights and their registration with the SIAE will be their responsibility and at their own cost.

29. Will travel costs be reimbursed? The organisers will take care of travel costs ‒ also for internal transfers (return shuttle to the concert venues) ‒ and accommodation in Perugia for the 10 finalists (accommodation for 2 nights for all band members, for the day of the performance and the day before). The organisers will contact the finalists to organise and book travel arrangements. Applications for refunds will be refused.

30. If bands have musicians from different countries, can separate travel arrangements be made? No. The organisers will arrange return travel (plane or train) from the same city and on the same date for all members of the band. The band must arrange and pay for any additional travel (e.g. departure from a different airport or on a different date).

31. Will meals be included or paid for by finalists? Meals will be paid for by the finalists, except one meal on the day of the concert at Umbria Jazz.

32. What happens if one or more finalist groups decide to withdraw from the opportunity to perform at the Umbria Jazz festival? If one or more finalist groups should decide to withdraw from the opportunity to perform at the Umbria Jazz festival for personal reasons or other circumstances, the Technical Panel reserves the right to substitute them. By not performing at Umbria Jazz, the artists will also waive their right to the other contest prizes. The only exception to this will be the Public Panel's prize, in order to respect the wishes of the voting public. If the group which decides to withdraw from performing at Umbria Jazz is the winner of the Public Panel's prize, they will retain their right to the €500 voucher for recording their album (but not to the other contest prizes).


33. What will the dates of the concerts of the winner be after Umbria Jazz? The schedule of subsequent performances is still being defined, but it will indicatively include the following dates: • July 2019: Matera; • Autumn 2019: Jazz Italiano per l’Aquila and jazz club concert tour; • Winter 2019: Umbria Jazz Winter #27 (Orvieto, 28 December 2019 - 1 January 2020). The organisers will notify the parties concerned in advance of the dates scheduled and provide all other necessary information (travel, food and lodging, instruments needed, sound check and set up, etc.).

34. Will the subsequent performances be paid? No, the winner will perform free of charge, while the organisers will cover travel, food and lodging expenses.