CHORD FOUR Los Angeles (California)

Andrew Conrad, 1986, tenor sax, clarinet, bass clarinet and blow-organ
Brandon Sherman, 1984, trumpet, soprano flugelhorn and blow-organ
Emilio Terranova, 1985, double-bass
Colin Woodford, 1987, drums, cymbals and blow-organ

Winner of the Conad Jazz Contest 2017

Winners of the sixth edition, the Los Angeles based Chord Four is a “Californian avant-garde” style band: their music - heavily influenced by jazz, but also by the traditional rhythms of Western Guiana, Indonesia, India and the Balkans - cannot be pinned down to one specific genre.
First formed on Los Angeles in 2008, the band has created its own repertoire of over 50 tracks, while developing their own sound, both individually and as a band. They have currently produced three EPs – “Chord Four” (2010), “Live” (2011) and “Nothing Everywhere” (2012) - and played a number of concerts throughout California and the Western United States, from Los Angeles to San Francisco, Reno and even Portland and Seattle.
As winners of the 2017 edition, the Chord Four also performed in the Umbria Jazz Winter #25 program in Orvieto, and won the 5,000 euro prize money that has allowed them to boost their career. The band has thus managed to produce a concert video, a band photo shoot and most significantly the master and the copies of their next album - to be released in early 2018. They are also planning to hire a press officer to help them increase audiences for their music, both in the United States and in Europe.