THE CLIFF Lausanne (Switzerland)

Runner up in the Conad Jazz Contest 2017
Arthur Donnot, 1991, tenor sax
Gauthier Toux, 1993, piano
Rafael Jerjen, 1989, double-bass
Marton Kiss, 1990, drums

Runner up in the Conad Jazz Contest 2017

The Cliff is a band featuring jazz child prodigies whose careers started very early. Five talented musicians from France, Switzerland, Hungary and Australia, led by trumpeter Shems Bendali, the band's leader and founder, as well as the composer of all the music played by the quintet. Shems, considered a rising star of jazz, has already performed often in Switzerland (including performances at the Cully Jazz Festival andMontreux Jazz Festival) and around Europe (besides Umbria Jazz, also at Jazz à Vannes and at the Breminale Fest, as well as Berlin, Kiev and Brussels).
Shems first brought the quintet together in 2016, together with drummer Marton Kiss, double bassist Rafael Jerjen, pianist Gauthier Toux and sax player Arthur Donnot. That same year two other projects started up in which he is also a leading figure: The Big Tusk, linked to the electro scene, and Always Know Monk, a kaleidoscopic version of works by composer Thelonious Monk – whose centennial of his birth fell in 2017 – which led to the recording of a first album by the same name in December of 2016.
After coming second in the Conad Jazz Contest 2017 with The Cliff, in 2017 Shems is successfully working on his various projects, with plenty of live shows scheduled which will see him perform on some of the most renowned jazz venues, particularly in Switzerland.