DANIEL ARTHUR TRIO Montreal (Canada)

Daniel Arthur, 1994, piano
Eric Maillet, 1993, drums
Ethan Cohn, 1996, bass

3rd in the Conad Jazz Contest 2017

The Canadian Daniel Arthur Trio, which came third in the Conad Jazz Contest 2017, has been undertaking a very adventurous exploration of all contemporary genre: the band's music - entirely composed on the piano by the band's leader, born and raised in Seattle - points to vast range of influences, with jazz always in the background.
Despite the very young age of its members, the Trio has already released a number of works: in February 2015 it released its first work, just one track, “Calm”; in October of the same year came the first live CD (“Live @ Résonance 15/10/15”); the following year, in April, they released the album “Fire demo”, which included four tracks, followed by a second “Live” recording a few months later.
Daniel, Eric and Ethan were very busy in 2017: in May they took part in the Bucharest International Jazz Competition, while in July they performed at Umbria Jazz, issuing their first real album “Vivid” at the same time, featuring ten original tracks and available on iTunes and Spotify. In October of the same year, the album was presented at the Off Festival de Jazz de Montreal.