TAL ARDITI TRIO Berlin (Germany)

Tal Arditi, 1998, guitar
Thomas Berkmann, 1988, double bass
Lukas Akintaya, 1991, drums

Finalist at the Conad Jazz Contest 2017

Tal Arditi is an Israel guitarist and composer who is only 19. He studied at the Rimon School of Music and has performed at a number of jazz festivals in Israel and Europe, including the Red Sea Jazz Festival, the Jerusalem Jazz Festival and the XJAZZ Festival. Tal recently moved to Berlin where, together with Lukas Akintaya (on drums) and Tom Berkmann (on double bass), he founded the Tal Arditi Trio, which plays his original compositions, influenced by modern jazz and rock.
The band is an active part of the Berlin jazz scene, where the three of them play together and with other bands (Holon Trio, which also involves Lukas Akintaya and two other musicians, and the Tal Arditi Quintet, another band led by Tal).
Following their performance on the Umbria Jazz stage in July 2017, the Tal Arditi Trio started work on their first album, which was recorded live in February 2018 during the prestigious A-Trane International Jazz Club in Berlin, and is currently in post-production. In the meantime, drummer Lukas Akintaya - who has also performed in France and Sweden besides Germany - has received his diploma from the Jazz Institut in Berlin.