Filippo Bubbico, 1992, piano
Vyasa Basili, 1991, double bass and electric bass
Vincenzo Messina, 1992, drums

Finalist at the Conad Jazz Contest 2016. Special Prize (Berklee Summer School) to awarded to Filippo Bubbico, piano

The Filippo Bubbico Trio was founded within the walls of Bologna by pianist Filippo Bubbico, double bassist and electric bassist Vyasa Basili and drummer Vincenzo Messina. The stand out performer is band leader Filippo Bubbico, who in 2016 was considered the most promising musician among all those enrolled in the Contest, and thus awarded a place at the Berklee Summer School.
Born in 1992, Filippo is a musician, composer, producer and sound engineer. With a diploma in Jazz Piano from the Martini Conservatory in Bologna, is currently head engineer at the independent label Workin’ Label and works with a considerable number of musicians in Italy and abroad. He was twice a finalist at the Conad Jazz Contest, in different formation: initially in 2014 with the Gsus Quartet, then in 2016 with the Filippo Bubbico Trio.
Thanks to collaborations with numerous artists, such as Carolina Bubbico, Mangroovia, Bandadriatica, Orchestra Popolare di Puglia, Salento Youth Orchestra, he has performed at major Italian and international venues – in addition to Umbria Jazz – including Venice Film Festival, Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome, Bologna Jazz Festival, Medimex.
In 2017 he embarked on a new project which explores different sound universes. The set relies on keyboards, drums, voice and computer and involves his sister, the singer and composer Carolina Bubbico, and Vincenzo Destradis, a young talent trained at the Bologna Conservatory. The line up completed by Federico Pecoraro on electric bass and Dario Congedo on drums. Last year they released their first two original singles, "Milicia" and "Kyu", while awaiting the publication of their first album in June 2018.