Dario Trapani, 1987, guitar and arrangements
Simone Maggi, 1991, trumpet
Paolo Lo Polito, 1980, tenor sax
Nicolò Ricci, 1987, tenor sax
Rudi Manzoli, 1974, baritone sax, tenor sax, soprano sax
Andrea Baronchelli, 1989, trombone
Giovanni Agosti, 1990, piano
Marco Rottoli, 1984, doublebass
Riccardo Chiaberta, 1986, drums
Marcella Malacrida, 1984, voice

Runner up at the Conad Jazz Contest 2013

The T.Monk Collective was formed at the end of 2011 by guitarist Dario Trapani, who called upon nine musician friends and fellow students at the Giuseppe Verdi Conservatory in Milan. The year 2013 was a year of intense live gigs for the Collective. After a first concert in his birthplace, Milan, the collective was given the opportunity of playing in a number of festivals and shows in Italy, with Umbria Jazz one of the highlights.
They released their first album “Ugly Beauty” in 2015 with fledgling record label Honolulu Records, an independent label created by a few members of the band together with other musicians from the Milan jazz scene. The label and the career of the musicians who set it up has been blossoming ever since, and they are now working in four European countries (Italy, Belgium, the UK and Holland, where Dario Trapani, the group's founder, currently resides. In two years Honolulu records released 11 records, including “In the woods”, the first work by the Fluid Collective band, which was to win the contest a few years later.
At the same time, the band's members have been involved in many international tours - with different formation, to the Netherlands, England and Germany, and have recently played concerts in China, featuring Riccardo Chiaberta and his Soares Trio formation.