Manuele Morbidini


Saxophonist, composer, improviser, he completed his musical studies at the Perugia Conservatory, studying at the same time philosophy at the University of Siena and disciplines of music at the University of Bologna. Of particular importance for his education, the attendance of Roscoe Mitchell and Aldo Clementi. He mainly deals with the intersection area between jazz, "cultured" music and improvisation. He has played in numerous festivals - including Umbria Jazz, Crossroads, Vicenza Jazz, Sagra Musicale Umbra - and written music for theatre and multimedia performances. In addition to directing his own ensembles, he plays with the Dan Kinzelman's Ghost group and takes care of the collective Società Vesna. He is musical director of the Umbria Jazz Orchestra and collaborator of the artistic direction of Umbria Jazz.