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Voting for the online community is open

152 bands from all around the world are competing to perform on stage at Umbria Jazz. Now it’s the public’s turn to vote for their favourite from May 15th and choose one of the finalists.

152 bands registered, 572 musicians competing, and more than 450 tracks uploaded. This is the seventh Conad Jazz Contest in numbers, after the applications just closed.
With more than 17,000 plays of the tracks taking part in the contest, the online community has already shown its support for the groups, but now that voting is open (starting from May 15th), its role has suddenly gained even more impact as the public gets to choose one of the 10 finalists by casting their vote on the Contest’s website.
The band receiving most votes from the Public Jury will win the chance to perform on stage at Umbria Jazz (Perugia, 13th-22nd July) - together with the other 9 finalists chosen by the technical Jury - along with 500 Euros prize money to record their album at a professional recording studio.
What are you waiting for? Show your support for your favourite band! Voting is open now!