The winner of the Conad Jazz Contest 2018

The Alex Hitchcock Quintet took first place, followed by Natalie Greffel and the Jake Hart Trio directly from Miami.

The Alex Hitchcock Quintet - James Copus, Will Barry, Joe Downard, Jay Davis, Alex Hitchcock - is the winner of the 2018 Conad Jazz Contest. As well as the opportunity to perform at the Umbria Jazz Festival, this brings them a € 5,000 cash prize and inclusion in the line-up of Umbria Jazz Winter #26. Along with the Alex Hitchcock Quintet, Natalie Greffel from Berlin (2nd place) and the Jake Hart Trio (3rd place) made up of three very young talented musicians from Miami, won a place on the podium.

Here is the schedule of the performances by all 10 finalists at Umbria Jazz.


Lost In The Supermarket - Friday, 13th July at 16:00

ROOM 1 - Saturday, 14th July at 16:00

Yakir Arbib - Sunday, 15th July at 16:00

Offset Quartet - Monday, 16th July at 16:00

Ergio Valente Trio - Tuesday, 17th July at 16:00

Ornicar - Wednesday, 18th July at 17:30

Anego - Thursday, 19th July at 17:30


Jake Hart Trio (winner of 3rd place) - Friday, 20th July at 19:00

Natalie Greffel (winner of 2nd place) - Saturday, 21st July at 19:00

Alex Hitchcock Quintet (winner of 1st place) - Sunday, 22nd July at 19:00

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