Performances at Umbria Jazz 2019

Are you keen to see when our ten finalists will be playing at Umbria Jazz? Below is the full schedule for their performances on the Conad Jazz Stage in the Giardini Carducci:

15 JULY 3:00 pm C'ammafunk

3:40 pm Emanuele Filippi Trio

4:20 pm Fade in Trio

5:00 pm Anais Drago


3:00 pm Francesca Gaza – Lilac For People

3:45 pm Birth of Kameleon

4:30 pm Giovanni Cigui Quartet


3:00 pm Evita Polidoro – Nerovivo

3:45 pm Michelangelo Scandroglio Group

4:30 pm Wasted Generation

Don’t miss the new edition of Umbria Jazz. Follow the young talents in the competition and support them. Good luck everybody!

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