Finalists of the eighth edition

The judges have decided! Here are the names of the ten finalists of the eighth edition of the Conad Jazz Contest, strictly in alphabetical order:

Anais Drago

Birth of Kameleon


Emanuele Filippi Trio

Evita Polidoro - Nerovivo

Fade in Trio

Francesca Gaza – Lilac for People

Giovanni Cigui Quartet

Michelangelo Scandroglio Trio

Wasted Generation

The young talents selected will have the opportunity to perform in Perugia on the stage of Umbria Jazz at the Giardini Carducci on 15th, 16th and 17th July. Their performances will be evaluated by the panel of Artistic Judges headed by Paolo Fresu, who will decide the first prize winner. The winning band will receive a cash prize of 5,000 euros to support their artistic career, and will be included in the programme of the Matera stage of the Grande Viaggio Insieme Conad tour. They will also be invited to play during “Il Jazz italiano per L’Aquila”, one of the major jazz events in Italy, and – starting this autumn – they will headline a tour in Italian jazz clubs, organized in collaboration with the Federazione Nazionale Il Jazz Italiano. We would like to thank all the bands who participated in the Contest and everyone who gave their support to the competing bands. The calendar of performances will be posted online soon.

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