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ARTICLE 1 | THE CONTEST Conad Soc. Coop. (with its registered head office at Via Michelino 59, 40127 Bologna, VAT No 03320960374), in collaboration with the Umbria Jazz Festival, is promoting the eighth edition of Conad Jazz Contest, a music contest for young Italian musicians or musicians who have Italian residency: groups (instrumental or with vocalists) and soloists, who shall submit jazz projects of various genres and styles, including any fusions.

ARTICLE 2 | PARTICIPANTS The contest is open to Italian or Italian resident soloists and bands from 18 to 28 years of age, who are free from any existing record deals or publishing contracts. With regard to the age limits, the following may take part:

  • soloists who are 18 years of age or older at the time of registration;
  • soloists who are 28 years of age or younger at the time of registration;
  • bands in which the age limit is met by every member, according to the same specifications as those set forth for soloists. Bands may have up to 8 members.

ARTICLE 3 | THE DURATION OF THE CONTEST The contest is open to registration from Tuesday 2 April 2019 at 11:00 a.m. (Central European Time) to Wednesday 15 May 2019 at 11:59 p.m. (Central European Time).

ARTICLE 4 | HOW TO TAKE PART Contestants may register up until midnight on 14 May 2019 at the website Registration is completely free. Contestants will be disqualified if they do not:

  • fill out the registration form, including the following details: name of the group, name and surname of each member (as stated in the ID document), musical instrument played by each member, place and date of birth of each member, nationality and place of residence of all members, contact details for the organisers to notify the winners (name and surname of the contact person, telephone number, main email and emergency email where the band can be reached in case of no reply to the notification sent to the main email), registration data sheet (photo of the group; title, songwriter(s) and duration of the tracks uploaded);
  • upload 3 tracks in audio format, only (mp3);
  • cross the relevant box to declare that these tracks do not fall under any existing record deals or publishing contracts; this explicit declaration by the artist relieves the Organisation from any liability;
  • sign the explicit acceptance of the rules and the consent to the processing of personal data (Italian Legislative Decree No. 196/03 and Regulations EU 2016/679).

ARTICLE 5 | SELECTIONS The process for identifying the winners will involve the joint decision of 3 panels of judges:

  • a Technical Panel consisting of musicians and experts, which will assess all Contest participants (see point 1.a of this article);
  • a Public Panel open to all that will also vote for its favourite contestant (see point 1.b in this paragraph);
  • an Artistic Panel chaired by Paolo Fresu and comprising musicians and experts, who will make their choice at the end of the selections to identify the winner of the Contest (see point 2 of this article).

Below is a detailed description of the voting and selection procedure.

1) THE SELECTION OF THE 10 FINALISTS All the contestants will be assessed by two panels of judges: a technical panel and a public panel.

a) The Technical Panel The Technical Panel – consisting of musicians and experts – will listen to all the songs uploaded and select 9 finalists out of the total of 10. The Technical Panel reserves the right to select less than 9 bands if it deems the level of technical and artistic quality of the contestants to be unsatisfactory.

b) The Public Panel The groups will also be assessed by a public panel, comprising the online community open to all, who will select 1 of the 10 finalists, expressing their vote on the website To take part in the public panel, you need to register on the website by entering a unique email address and mobile phone number, which will be only and exclusively used for purposes connected with and instrumental to the contest (please see the Privacy Policy loaded onto the website Every registered user will be able to make their choice through a single voting system (one band, one vote), expressing up to a maximum of 10 votes (for the same band or different bands). Public voting will open on Thursday 16 May at 11.00 a.m. (Central European Time) and will close on Wednesday 12 June at 11.59 p.m. (Central European Time). The public can vote for each of the bands competing in the Contest until the voting closes. When voting has closed, the individual group or soloist with the most votes will win the public panel’s prize as well as entering the shortlist of 10 finalists (Article 6 point 3). Should the public vote be the same as the choice of the technical panel of judges, then the latter will choose another entry.

2) IDENTIFICATION OF THE WINNER DURING LIVE PERFORMANCES The 10 finalists thus identified will be given the opportunity to perform as part of the official programme of Umbria Jazz ‘19 from Monday 15 July to Wednesday 17 July based on a schedule that will be defined in relation to the official event programme and will be disclosed to the parties concerned a few days before the performance date. During the performances, the artists will be assessed live by the Artistic Panel chaired by Paolo Fresu, which will evaluates the contestants based on the originality of the project and the technical and artistic quality of the execution and will declare the overall winner of the 2019 edition at its sole discretion.


1) THE 10 FINALISTS The 10 finalists – as described in Article 5, point 2 – will have the opportunity to perform as part of the official Umbria Jazz 2019 programme (Perugia, 12-21 July). They will also receive an artist pass which will grant them access to the Umbria Jazz concerts taking place at the Arena Santa Giuliana. A special report will also be dedicated to the finalists on the RTL radio network, the media partner of the Festival.

2) ARTISTIC PANEL WINNER The artistic panel winner (see art. 5 point 2) will win the following prizes.

a) CASH PRIZE - A cash prize of 5,000 Euro to support the winner’s musical career.

b) PERFORMANCE IN MATERA, 2019 EUROPEAN CAPITAL OF CULTURE - The winner will receive the opportunity to perform at Il Grande Viaggio Insieme Conad during the event to take place in Matera in the same days as the Festival, on a date compatible with the performance of the winner in Perugia.

c) IL JAZZ ITALIANO PER L’AQUILA - The overall winner will be invited to play in L’Aquila during Il Jazz italiano per L’Aquila, one of our country’s greatest jazz events, promoted in collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, which bears witness to the concrete support provided by artists to the civil, social and cultural rebuilding of the capital of Abruzzo.

d) JAZZ CLUB TOUR - In addition, in the months after the Festival, the Umbria Jazz organisers – in close coordination with the Federazione Nazionale Il Jazz Italiano – will promote a tour of concerts of the winner in Italy’s best jazz clubs, based on a schedule to be defined and agreed upon (indicatively 5 events in autumn 2019).

e) THE UMBRIA JAZZ WINTER STAGE - Lastly, the overall winner will be included in the line-up of Umbria Jazz Winter #27 (Orvieto, 28 December 2019 - 1 January 2020).

3) THE PUBLIC PANEL’S PRIZE The musician with the most votes from the public panel (see art. 5, point 1b) will receive a voucher for Euro 500 to spend by the end of 2019 in a professional recording studio (to be chosen by the winner) for recording their own album. If the winner is the same one chosen by the artistic panel, the public panel’s prize will be allocated to the second most voted group or soloist by the online community.

4) SPECIAL AWARD FOR TALENT Finally, once again for the 2019 edition, the promoters are putting up for grabs the chance to take part in the Berklee Summer School at Umbria Jazz Clinics 2020, which will be awarded by the technical panel and the artistic panel, at their sole discretion, to an individual musician who he deems most promising from among all the Contest participants, without any distinction between soloists and groups.

ARTICLE 7 | NOTIFICATION TO THE SELECTED GROUPS The shortlist of 10 selected groups will be notified directly to the contestants – once online voting has closed – through the contact details given during registration. The list will then be published on the website and on the Facebook page. The same process will be followed in the next stage for notifying the ranking and the relative schedule of the performances. The promoters also reserve the right to publish the names of the finalists and winners following the closing date of the Contest by disclosing them in communication activities aimed at reporting the results of the initiative and for promoting the Umbria Jazz Festival 18 programme.

ARTICLE 8 | MATERIAL TO BE SUBMITTED BY THE SELECTED BANDS Each of the bands selected must send in the following without delay in order to formalise the win and for communications purpose: • “Band Consent Form”, filled out using block letters and signed by all band members; • photocopy of front/back of ID for each member (ID card or passport; a driving license is not considered a valid document); • short biography/curriculum of the band (max. 1500 characters); • high resolution photograph; • for the performance: stage plot, technical file and playlist.

ARTICLE 9 | TRAVEL AND ACCOMODATION The organisers will take care of travel costs - also for internal transfers (return shuttle to the concert venues) - and accommodation in Perugia for the 10 finalists (accommodation for 2 nights for all band members, for the day of the performance and the day before). In addition, the organisers will cover expenses for the winner to travel from Perugia to Matera, as well as food and lodging. The organisers will arrange return travel by plane or train from the same city and on the same date for all members of the band. The band must arrange and pay for any additional travel (e.g. departure from a different airport or on a different date).

ARTICLE 10 | PERFORMANCES The exact date and time of the performances at Umbria Jazz of the 10 finalists - from Monday 15 July to Wednesday 17 July - will be disclosed to the parties concerned a few days before the performance and will depend on the official schedule of the event. The schedule as notified to the finalists is final and not subject to change. The groups must arrive with the utmost punctuality at the times and locations notified by the Organisation for sound-checks and performances, bringing a valid ID and any instruments required for their own performance, with the exception of the piano, drums and double bass.

ARTICLE 11 | REPLACEMENTS In cases of proven impediment associated with the assigned date of the performance, members of the band may be replaced (with others not indicated on the original application) for the live performance at Umbria Jazz, but only less than 50% of the line up. By way of example, a band with 3 members can replace maximum one member. The replacements must comply with the same age restrictions imposed on the original applicants.

ARTICLE 12 | WITHDRAWALS If one or more finalist groups should decide to withdraw from the opportunity to perform at the Umbria Jazz festival for personal reasons or other circumstances, the Technical Panel reserves the right to substitute them. By not performing at Umbria Jazz, the artists will also waive their right to the other contest prizes. The only exception to this will be the Public Panel's prize, in order to respect the wishes of the voting public. If the group which decides to withdraw from performing at Umbria Jazz is the winner of the Public Panel's prize, they will retain their right to the €500 voucher for recording their album (but not to the other contest prizes).

ARTICLE 13 | ACCEPTANCE OF THE RULES AND LIABILITY By taking part in the Contest, participants fully accept these rules. By registering for the Contest, contestants relieve the Organisation from any direct or indirect liability towards third parties who consider that they have been damaged by their performance or by false declarations regarding the authorship of the tracks. They also implicitly authorise the Organisation to associate the name of their band to the name or brand of the promoter and all commercial and media partners of the Contest. Moreover, the Organisation accepts no liability for damage, accidents, theft or any other unforeseen incidents to property or persons that occur before, during or after the event due to circumstances beyond the organisers’ control.

ARTICLE 14 | AUDIO AND VIDEO RECORDING AUTHORISATION By accepting these rules, the groups authorise audio/video recordings made during the event and declare that nothing is due from the Organisation for the broadcasting of images and audio of performances, made either directly or indirectly through technical partners involved in the Festival (television or radio broadcasts, photographers, web partners). The Organisation reserves the right to produce additional music and paper material once the event has finished, containing the tracks uploaded to the website during application. By registering and accepting these rules, the artists grant that henceforth nothing prevents their tracks from being included in any promotional material. This does not affect the intellectual property rights of the songwriter(s) or their SIAE (Italian Society of Authors and Publishers) registration at their own initiative, expense, obligation and responsibility.

ARTICLE 15 | PROCESSING OF PERSONAL DATA The use of personal data will be handled in accordance with privacy regulations, specifically Article 13 of Italian Legislative Decree No. 196/2003 on privacy protection provisions and Article 13 of Regulations EU 2016/679. For further information, please read the Privacy Policy.

ARTICLE 16 | AMENDMENTS TO THE RULES The Organisation reserves the right to alter these rules, making any supplements and/or amendments which it deems necessary for artistic, technical or organisational reasons. In this case, all amendments will be published promptly on the website

ARTICLE 17 | RESTRICTIONS AND EXCLUSIONS Winning groups from previous Contest editions are not allowed to take part in the Contest in the same arrangement. However, individual artists who have already taken part in the previous years are allowed to take part again in the Contest, as long as the group arrangements are different and the tracks uploaded are different from those submitted previously, provided that they comply with all the other participation criteria covered by the rules. Artists may not compete with more than one band at the same time. Anyone who collaborates under any capacity with the Organisation of the Contest and the Festival is excluded from taking part, as are any relatives of the members of the artistic and/or technical panels of judges, the staff of Umbria Jazz and the Contest organisers. In the event of such a conflict or any other breach which might jeopardise the legality of the Contest, the Organisation may take the appropriate measures at any time to protect the correct running of the competition.